AntiGravity Yoga

AntiGravity Yoga at Virgin Active Health Clubs.  Instructor - Nuno Campos.

AntiGravity Yoga at Virgin Active Health Clubs. Instructor – Nuno Campos.

Hanging upside down in a silk-made hammock sounds like something reserved for acrobat performers – yet in Virgin Active Health Clubs along with several other athletic centres, the everyday sports enthusiast is doing just that. The idea is to improve strength and flexibility. Minutes into an AntiGravity Yoga class, you find your body swinging, then twisting and finally stretching in ways you could never have imagined. Think of a challenging pilates or yoga class, and then place yourself in a hammock. Though make note: do not consume food or drink within hours from the start of class – ‘losing your lunch’ gains a new meaning here. Continue reading

Power Plates


Image supplied by Nahid de Belgeonne at Good Vibes Studios

In the mood for good vibrations? We are referring to the Power Plate (of course!) – a training device that produces vibrations from its platform and then through your body making each movement more challenging and thus burning calories in half the time. Another fitness fad? It’s up for debate. London certainly seems to be embracing it as more studios open every month.     Continue reading

Kettlebell Classes

Image supplied by Jamie Lloyd Training

Image supplied by Jamie Lloyd Training

You’ve probably seen the bowling ball-shaped weights with handles lying around the gym, and wondered what these things are. Rest assured, we can tell you the ‘kettlebell weights’ are used for implosive work-outs aiming to strengthen the core, tone overall body and nearly knock you for six with the series of squats and swings. Brace yourself for the aftermath of pain, but hang in there for a few sessions and it gets easier.     Continue reading